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At the risk of being nasty: (so sorry) I got my stitches taken out yesterday, but my wound is still slightly open.  It’s definitely healed compared to what it was at first, of course, but every time I bend my finger, the cut still pulls apart just a bit, which makes me nervous, and so right now I’ve got it bandaged up and I’m making sure that I don’t get it wet for the next two days.  It’s helping the healing process along, I’m sure, but I’m not super thrilled about this.

ImageThat right there is the culprit.  That’s as gross as it’s going to get until I show off pictures of my healed scar.  It’s gonna be a doozy.

So, what’s a girl to do when she can’t bend her finger too much?  Apparently quite a lot.  For instance, blogging comes almost instantly to mind.  Time to play just a bit of catchup.

On New Year’s Day this year, I had my local family over for our New Year’s Dinner.  (That’s a mid-day meal, by the way.)  In case you didn’t catch a hint of our origins… My grandma supplied the Black-Eyed Peas and I supplied the rest.

ImageI love that steamy Mexican rice…  It’s this recipe, and while a lot of people on the site complain in their reviews about it not being flavorful enough, our family finds it an almost perfect replica of Pancho’s Mexican Buffet rice, so we LOVE it.  Since all of the Pancho’s restaurants have closed in our area, we’ve been hurting for their food, so this recipe was a major find for us.

ImageThese glorious enchiladas are the Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas from Perfect One-Dish Dinners by Pam Anderson.  I rarely love recipe books, but I swear I want to try virtually every single recipe she put in that book.  (We also had the chicken and apple pot pie with cheddar biscuit topping and let me tell you… it was FANTASTIC.  I didn’t get any pictures of it because we ate it too fast.)  Everyone raved over the enchiladas.  My kids love them, my husband loves them, and my mom said, “WOW… You are turning into an amazing cook.”  It was a successful start to the New Year.

More recently, Adam and the boys went outside for some fun.  Thad was rollerblading and Adam was teaching Elliott how to skateboard.  While they were doing all of their awesome male antics, I sat outside and started a new spinning project on my Little Gem 2.  This year I’m trying to get rid of yarn and fiber, so I’m purposefully eating through my stash.  I’m also valiantly trying to make everything work out with my Little Gem 2 because our relationship hasn’t been an easy one.

ImageI became determined that I don’t want anything in my space that I don’t love, so either LG2 and I needed to start getting along, or he was going to get sold.  I implored the Majacraft forum on Ravelry for help with the issues I was having and a TON of help poured in!  I just love fiber people!  They’re so generous!

ImageI fixed a couple of things on my wheel.  I won’t say what quite yet because we’re still waiting to see if this newly behaving wheel act is permanent on the part of my LG2, but after a few days of spinning, today I have a bit of green single and I’ve made a dent in my fiber stash and I haven’t wanted to scream in frustration even once.  The spinning has been everything spinning should be… very Zen.  Very relaxing.  Very nice.  I feel as though I am now getting used to slight quirks with the wheel rather than like I’m going to war every time I push the treadles down.  It’s still not AS smooth as my Kromski Sonata, but I don’t expect it to be.  The Sonata is kind of in a league all its own… His name is Mr. Darcy.  Poor LG2 just can’t compete with that.

Continuing my kind of random post…  I had a load of laundry with every single one of Adam’s machine-washable pairs of socks in it.  Pretty soon I’m going to need a bigger table.

ImageThey’re machine-washable, but should still be laid flat.  I’m fortunate enough to live in Arizona, so I seriously lay these out in the evening and they’re dry by morning.  I get all of these glowing feelings inside when I think of knitting him enough pairs that eventually he won’t even have to touch his feet with icky store-bought socks.

I finished weaving the scarf from my last post, but I have yet to finish twisting all of the fringe.  (I do that by hand.  They have tools for this, I know, but so do I.  They’re called “my fingers”.)

ImageIt’s too bad I can’t get the colors to come across in the photos the way they do in person.  It’s a truly jewel-toned, beautiful scarf.  I’m either keeping it or giving it to a REALLY good friend.  I don’t know who yet.  But this is one of those projects that has “gift” written all over it.

ImageWhy give it away if I love it so much?  Precisely.  Huh?  LoL…  For me, if I truly adore something, that almost guarantees that it will become a gift.  I love people so much.  Really, I do.  There’s this thing inside of me, when I love someone, that says that I can’t give them just any old thing.  Nothing is good enough.  The only thing worthy of such a person is something that makes me a little sad to give up.  Then suddenly I feel like the gift might have cost enough.  I measure my gifts in monetary cost, but also in personal cost.  Some of the most expensive presents I give are actually my lazy gifts.  They only cost money, not a piece of my heart.

…aaaaand before I start waxing poetical and philosophical again, here is the rest of my day, summed up in pictures and (hopefully) short bits of words:

I made a whole wheat bread in my bread machine that turned out AMAZING.  (Please ignore the dishes on my counter… all of those are hand wash only, and as I can’t get my finger wet just now…)

ImageIt’s from this recipe, and I’m sure that the dip in the top of the bread is absolutely my fault.  No, I’m not trying to be nice.  I mean I’m really sure.  I kept checking the dough like the lady suggested and it was so soupy.  But I figured that I didn’t know what the dough was supposed to look like, so I was just going to leave it.  About 45 minutes later, I got on the computer and the recipe was still up and I realized that I had only put 2 1/4 cups of flour instead of 4 1/4 cups!  So I ran back to the bread machine, stopped the cycle, added the extra flour, and then threw in a bit of extra yeast.  I honestly don’t know how to make bread.  I just use a recipe and hit a button.  So I thought maybe the yeast was “used up” or something because it had been already sitting for so long, which is why I added extra.  I realize that this is probably totally stupid, but maybe it’s good for people to see my mini disasters, so there you go.  Anyway, I think the bread rose too much as a result of that extra yeast and then collapsed in the middle.

But, boy, oh, boy…

ImageIs it DELICIOUS!  Even with the wonky top.

I spent some of my afternoon reading through some old magazines.  I pulled all of my January Body + Soul and Martha Stewart Living magazines out.  I like to do this periodically to get myself motivated to do crazy awesomeness in my house.  I’m a simple creature.  Whatever I keep in front of my face is what I think about, so I’m careful to keep it mostly happy and positive.  And when I want to clean and generally make life amazing, I read Martha Stewart magazines.

ImageThis in turn prompted me (from an ad in Body + Soul) to look up a cookbook at my local library, which in turn prompted me to search for some delightful looking cookbooks I’ve seen over at Anthropologie and I put probably 7 cookbooks on hold.  I imagine myself transforming into a vegetable eating beast, creating glorious healthy food that everyone will love.  We’ll all live for at least 100 years and when my kids are asked how they lived so long, they’ll be able to say, “It was my mother’s cooking.”

In the midst of all of these lovely (if slightly impractical) thoughts, Thad got home from school and I had to sign something for him, then happened to notice all of his recent test scores listed on the back of the sheet.

ImageI don’t know exactly what all of those numbers mean, but all of those [Exceeds] tell an awesome story.  This kid is amazing.  Way to go, love!

I also discovered today that blogging is possibly one of the biggest motivations EVER for keeping your house clean.  I had to get up for almost every single photo and put stuff away/throw stuff away… I realize now that this basically ruins the “perpetually clean house” image I try to paint on here, but I guess that’s okay.

You know, that reminds me.  A while ago, I also took this picture:

ImageIt touched my heart so much.  I saw basically our entire family represented there.  My girlie candle/doily combo, a craft project from one of the kids, and my husband’s work boots.  Feminine, child, masculine…  It just felt like a cool shot.  Also, that table was already TOTALLY clean.  Seriously!  But I did have to pick up a toy by the freezer.  And I was holding a pile of magazines out of the way from being in the front of the shot because I was taking the picture from over the other little table in our kitchen.

As my final realization for now, I thought today that as I spin, spin, spin through my fiber (thus constantly creating more yarn), I am actually being completely in opposition to my goal to get rid of my yarn stash this year.  Hmm…  I’ll have to think that one over.  Maybe what I actually need is more space for yarn.

For now, I’m off to make some kind of healthy dinner that doesn’t require me to get my finger wet.  Also, is it painfully obvious that I’m feeling slightly bored and stir crazy?  I was everywhere today in this house, doing practically everything.  I can’t wait for my finger to be better.  I’ll be back to doing business stuff.  I’ve fallen quite behind on all of that, but even though I’m not actually working, I AM coming up with a ton of ideas.  My first few days of being back at it will be momentous, let me tell you.


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