Weaving to the rescue!

I’ve decided to just be current on the blog.  I’ll play catch up a little at a time, but if I stop posting because I haven’t caught up, I’ll never stop catching up, so here I go.

The other night, I sliced open the top of my right index finger with our fantastic chef knife.  I was cleaning it with a little hand held brush and the brush itself caught in a weird way on the side of the blade and got twisted underneath it very quickly as I was moving it from back to front.  There wasn’t enough time to react.  The motion of the brush being pulled underneath put the top of my finger in contact with the knife.  I love that knife, but, dang… can it cut!

(Notice how I’m NOT inserting a picture here.  What is up with so many people thinking that other people want to see pictures of their gross injuries?  If I want to see gross things, I’ll go to WebMD and check out their slide shows all by myself, thank you.)

I had to get three stitches.  I think it should have been four.  But I was feeling every one of the stitches even as the doctor told me, (He had that you’re-so-making-this-up-but-I-have-to-pretend-to-validate-your-response voice down PERFECTLY.)  “Really? You shouldn’t be feeling it.”  And I’m thinking, “Exactly!  Hence my problem!”  Anyway, he did two stitches very close together and the last one was spaced further out, more in the middle of the end, probably because he didn’t want to deal with me misbehaving and feeling it when I wasn’t supposed to like a little rebel.  Don’t feel too bad for me on that.  The four shots I got around the cut to make it numb (which didn’t work) hurt WAY worse than the actual stitches.  So maybe they DID work a little bit.  But certainly not enough.

Anyway, all of this to say… A cut finger is annoying and painful for most people.  But for me, it’s downright life altering.  No knitting, no crocheting, not really very much crafting at all.  I did some jewelry yesterday and I think I partially re-injured myself, so that’s out.  But I did get some really lovely pieces done before I wised up and decided to quit.

ImageI had written time to work on jewelry for my upcoming Mother’s Day show at TYF into my calendar for this week.  I figured I’d give it a go.  I didn’t make all of these yesterday, but I did a few.  These are all fine silver, and I’m experimenting with doing some frame style jewelry even with the fine silver.  I’m loving the combination of the frame and the fired chain that connects them to the earwires.  All of my fine silver jewelry is 100% fine silver.  I have to make everything, even the earwires and the headpins.  It’s exactly the kind of fiddly, ridiculous work that I love in my jewelry and hate in my knitting.  I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again.  I can’t hammer the links of the chain until after the chain is assembled.  So every time you see links together that are hammered, I joined them using the torch, and then had to set each tiny link (sometimes they’re not tiny, but this time they were all tiny and I’m still feeling it) on the edge of my hammering block, hammer about 1/3 of the link at a time, pick it up, rotate, hammer again… Suffice to say, it takes a while.  But I absolutely love it!  My favorite metal pair up there are the ones towards the bottom, in between the two pairs with the blue beads.  I love all of the chain and how they look hanging up.  The rings give such an awesome 3D effect to them.  Very cool.

ImageHere’s a shot of the pair that is my current fave because of the beads.  I picked them up the other day at Beads Galore because I thought so many of them looked just like little planets.  Being a sci-fi dork to my core (Trekkie!), I couldn’t pass them up.  These are faceted agate.  GORGEOUS.  And the strand had so many other colors besides just this bright, beautiful fuchsia.  I have to go get more.

So that was all lovely, but I had to stop and figure out how to entertain myself in other ways.  I honestly don’t know what normal people do when they watch TV.  That sounds funny to say/type, but really…  Do people actually just sit and watch TV?  It’s so weird for me to think of.  I’ve conditioned myself so much to work while TV is going that just watching TV is like watching specks of dust floating around in a shaft of sunlight, only not nearly as interesting.  (Did you pretend they were fairies as  a kid?  I so did.)

Enter my loom!  Weaving to the rescue!

ImageI took my loom over to Tempe Yarn and Fiber and warped it with two colors of Malabrigo sock, Stone Chat and Pocion.  Pocion is my favorite Malabrigo color right now because it’s like a dirty rainbow.  It’s got every gorgeous color in it, but it’s muted, so you don’t feel so much like you’re in the middle of an episode of the Care Bears when you’re working with it.  The Stone Chat is predominately red with bits of brown.  I adore these two colors together.  It’s like berries or candy or jewels or something intrinsically happy that I can’t put my finger on.  But looking at it gives me a glowy feeling inside.  The colors don’t show up as well as they should in this shot.  I wish you could see the brightness.  But again, the muted nature of the colors makes it not so wild.

I was attempting to do a 4×4 weaving pattern.  I don’t know if that’s the name for it.  I don’t know weaving, I just do it, so I’m making stuff up as I go along here.  But basically I warped the loom with two loops of Pocion, then two loops of Stone Chat, giving me four strands of warp when I was finished.  (I pulled a loop of Pocion through the first slat, then skipped a slat and pulled through a loop of Stone Chat.  I came back and did Pocion in the empty space, then Stone Chat right next to itself, then started the cycle again.  Warping was super fast pulling through two loops at once.)  I’m weaving four rows of each color.  It was supposed to do a cool pattern, but it’s not because the yarn is too wild.  You can’t see it, but I still love the combination.

I’m carrying my weft up every four rows.  At first, I was getting all of the ends on one side and I didn’t like that, so I took it all out and started my second color in a different way.  Hopefully I can be clear enough with this… Basically, I wove four rows of Pocion.  Then I moved my heddle into the up position for the next row because that’s where I was.  Normally, with the Pocion, when the heddle was in the up position, I’d be sending the shuttle right to left.  But instead, I started the Stone Chat from left to right in that same position.  I weave my four rows, then get the heddle up and pick up the Pocion, going right to left instead of left to right.  That way, when I carry my yarn up the sides, the two yarns are making a neat edging on both sides and it matches.

ImageThis idea is nothing new, I’m absolutely sure, to anyone who knows weaving.  But it was amazing to me, so I thought I’d pass it on.  I’m actually loving the little edging I’m getting with this.

As my catch up, here is a squishy garter cowl I finished sometime last month or maybe in November.  I had created a self striping yarn of handspun.  Basically, I got five colors of plain merino and then divided them all up, spinning three or four fluffs of each color in a specific stripe sequence.  I wanted it to appear random, but it was actually all planned.  I filled up two bobbins this way and then Navajo plied them to maintain the stripes.

ImageI don’t know if I could ever quite convey just how much I love this thing.

ImageIt makes me so happy!

It also makes me plot to go somewhere cold for a while just so that I can wear it longer.  I don’t know.  I’m thinking arctic vacation.  Go see the Northern Lights, maybe?  Pretend they’re fairies?  ^_~

For now, I’m weaving.  And I’m feeling so happy about that, too.  Cut finger can’t keep me down!

(Notice how I tucked my finger away in the photo above so you wouldn’t see my stitches.  Once again, you’re welcome.)


About Kathy Canuel

I'm a happy artist loving on my husband and boys, making things (everything in every way!), and doing my best to live life to the fullest every day. Love, art, life.


  1. Pam

    Love your blogging and your talents. Cut fingers aren’t all that gross, but you are right, not keen on seeing it. Hope you didn’t mess up your meal.

  2. This is the first blog post of yours that I’ve read and I love it! Heck, I love you! But that’s no secret to anyone who knows us, right? What a wonderful blog you have. Your writing style is, it’s almost like sitting with you and listening to you tell the story because I could totally hear your voice in my head the entire time, and not in a creepy crazy person way! smooches!

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