Worth It

I have a lot of catching up to do on this thing.  I tend to agonize too much over the blogging, so paranoid about doing it wrong that I just don’t do it.  I realize now that this is totally stupid.  Sure, I may not be as good at it as professional life-bloggers with really expensive cameras, but they all started somewhere, and so will I.

Life is crazy busy.  Good.  And crazy busy.  In these three months, we’ve had three birthdays just in our core family, not to mention others.  We’ve got Christmas coming up.  There’s been Halloween, a show, a major event at church, and all of that adds up and sort of pushes out the introspective blogging time.

I’ve had moments to hate and moments to love.  Moments to cherish and moments to forget.  There are times when I remember just why I love scrapbooking so much, but mostly times when I wonder how the heck I’ll ever find a way to scrapbook again.  In these last months, my wonderful paper crafting area has been converted to a jewelry and business station.  All of my paper crafting things are tucked away and I kind of hate it.  I love the reason for the change.  (Too much business to have to lug everything out every time I have to do something.)  But I hate the change.  I’m thinking that nothing is permanent, though.  With Christmas coming up, I’ll be paper crafting like a crazy person again and I know that I can switch it all back to the way it was.  At least temporarily.  That makes me feel better.

We’ve begun Christmas in this house like we’re afraid it won’t actually come this year.  I’ve begun a wreath, the boys have decorated little trees (more on that later) and the Christmas music is going all of the time.  (My favorite is Beckah Shae, Emmanuel, but we’re Christian, and this album is very much so, so if you prefer a more winter wonderland holiday, this album may not be for you.  But regardless, if you want something happy, get this CD.  I can’t stand not hearing it this time of year, and I even play it sometimes when it’s not Christmas just because it picks me up.  I dare anyone to be a Scrooge while it’s playing.)  I’m definitely an early Christmas starter.  People ask, “What about Thanksgiving?”  And I think to myself that it’s still on the calendar.  Christmas decorations and music don’t erase Thanksgiving.  But Christmas is just too much work to not have it last longer than it does.  We start in November in this house and you know what?  The turkey tastes just as good in the midst of Christmas decorations as it does in the midst of fall decorations.  In fact, I feel thankful, as The Mom, as The Maker of Christmas in my house, that all of my work gets more spread out this way.  It makes everything happier.  It makes it all feel so much more worth it.

I’m starting my catch up photos…  At some point, I did makeup for church (I do it in the dining room… it has the best light.) and dropped a cake of eyeshadow which proceeded to spill everywhere.  I thought to myself, “I’ll clean it up when I’m finished.”  And then I forgot.  I got up, I put my makeup away, and went about my morning.

ImageI tracked eyeshadow all over the house.  Through the dining room, the kitchen, and into our bedroom carpet.  We were wondering, “What is all of this black stuff everywhere?”  (It was actually navy, but it was hard to tell.)  Then, suddenly it hit me and I remembered.  The boys especially thought that the eyeshadow foot prints (they were perfect) in the kitchen were pretty hilarious.  Adam cleaned it all up for me, laughing, while I finished getting ready.  He’s too precious.

ImageWe had Adam’s birthday.  I can’t even express just how much I love this man and everything he brings into our family.  If you want the poster boy for a perfect husband, this is it.  We had so much fun celebrating him.  I made him his favorite cake (strawberry three layer cake with cream cheese frosting and sliced strawberries between the layers) and generally had a good time.  Oh, it was so much work, but he’s worth it.

And…  Drumroll, please….!!!  I finished The Kitteh!!!  You can see the beginnings of this thing here.  It was a project fraught with torture, from start to finish.  There was absolutely nothing easy about this thing.  It hurt my hands, and on some level, it hurt my spirit at times.  There were moments when I thought the actual pattern itself was against me.  It felt like a battle.  Every stitch was fought for, and ultimately every stitch was won.  I kept hearing Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda saying, “Our battle will be legendary!”  And it was.  Oh, it was.

I was so angry at this thing, I wanted to throw it away.  I couldn’t get over just how much I hated this project.  But when I finished it, and all of it came together, there was a deep satisfaction.  I beat it.  And I gave it to my son, very late, for his birthday.

ImageThis, right here, is the picture of worth it.  Never again.  But worth it.

Catching up is actually kind of fun.


About Kathy Canuel

I'm a happy artist loving on my husband and boys, making things (everything in every way!), and doing my best to live life to the fullest every day. Love, art, life.

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  1. You should consider an artist career painting with eye shadow ( I ended up in your blog because I was curious about the picture).

    I don’t want to be that guy who comes here advertising something but since you mentioned christmas music please take a look at my very 1st album as an indie musician here: http://www.tunecore.com/widgets/show/105807

    Hope it helps with the preparatons 🙂

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